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Antoine Feliksik - Osteopaat

Antoine Feliksik – Osteopaat

My name is Antoine Feliksik and I was born in 1948 in The Hague.

After high school I attended the following relevant courses: From 1972 – 1976 I attended and completed the training operation assistant and 1976 – 1980 the study physiotherapy. During this training, I did a course in foot reflexology.

In 1980 I started a in private practice and did the training Haptonomie A.

I started my own practice in 1986. In that time I have followed the course podokinesiologie: reflex soles according to the method of Bourdiol . I followed the five -year program osteopathy from 1989. This training was honored in 1994 with the certificate CO and I completed this in 2000 with a degree D.O. (osteopaths working in the Netherlands  have at least a college education for health care).

In 1998 followed the training Orthomolecular Medicine – 1997. From 1999 – 2001 the training to become a SIVAS therapist.

In 2007 I came in contact with EFT.

For my own development, I have attended several courses and groups – NLP , gestalt therapy, men’s groups (a must for every man!) and Inner Child Care. To my surprise, this was precisely the connection that I missed in the training haptonomy . In my practice, I encounter daily that physical problems have a psycho – emotional background and the combination Haptonomy – Inner Child Care is therefore a perfect addition to make osteopathy more holistic.

Many complaints are sometimes (very) simple cured. It is fascinating to be allowed to see this happening every day again. A different way of looking often offers incredible opportunities.