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About Antoine F. Feliksik

About the practitioner My name is Antoine Feliksik and I was born in 1948 in The Hague. After high school I attended the following relevant courses: From 1972 – 1976 I attended and completed the training operation assistant and 1976 – 1980 the study physiotherapy. During this training, I did a course in foot reflexology.… Read More »

Physical systems

Everything in context  Osteopathy treats the body on all parts. The parietal system: Bones and muscles; The visceral system: The organs; The craniosacral system: The skull with the sacrum. If there is a problem in one of these systems, then it will involve the two other systems. This can be done via the mechanical, or… Read More »

Osteopathy Feliksik

Osteopathy is a way of healing! An osteopath examines the consistency of the body. The dysfunction of a certain area in the body has an influence on other areas. By working at the cause, we heal more effectively. So we fight not only the complaint, but take away the cause and thus removing the complaint.… Read More »