Physical Complaints

Here are some examples

Different people with the same complaint may have another cause. So the treatment stays individually.
Here are some examples.

Tennis elbow.
This complaint falls under what is now called RSI. However, it is a sum of all the strains, which will accumulate in the body. In most cases the treatment of the elbow is not even necessary. The cause is in the back and neck, which also has a cause again! And/or the wrist joint, which though the radius is connected to the elbow.

A patient with the diagnosis: neck hernia.
Here, a proper scoliosis was present, caused by adhesions of the lung. The automatic correction of the posture of the head was the incriminating factor for “hernia” complaint. By loosening the lung, the tension lifted, the scoliosis is gone, as well as the “hernia”!

Clumsy children, difficult behaviour.
Often there are problems after a caesarean section or vacuum- or forceps delivery. Also births that go very difficult or very smoothly: the craniosacral rhythm can thus be distorted or not being initiated at all (C-section). Here the osteopath is to perform rewarding work.

Back problems.
This rarely comes from the back itself Usually it is a result of problems with organs. Lungs, liver, intestines, kidneys “are hanging ” on the back and have their effect. As a result, there also may be one or more blockages in the spine. These usually go away by itself after treatment of the cause (the concerned organ). Sometimes the spine will also have be manipulated (“cracked”). The spontaneous ” lumbago ” is the result of a too sudden stretching of the ilio – psoas muscle. This frequently occurs after getting up to fast from bending over or getting out of a car after a long drive.

Neck pain and/or headache may have many causes.
All adjustments in the body are eventually “corrected” by the neck as the last possibility to keep the vestibular system “level”. Causes are too numerous to mention: any disturbance of the body can eventually lead here.

Complaints with the menses.
In most cases the cause originates in adhesions of the uterus (and/or the fallopian tubes, ovarie), with the bladder and/or the intestines. Here too, the cranio- sacral system gets involved because of the important role of the control of the hormones.
Incontinence, frequent after a pregnancy and recurrent cystitis, are well to be treated osteopathicaly.

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