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Tatyana Feliksik – Ryabovil, Pedicure, Foot care
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Tel: 603195263  treatment by appointment.

speaks Russian and Dutch also!

A complete foot care at Tatyana includes:

* Control of skin and nails,
* Disinfecting,
* Cutting and filing of the nails,
* Fraisen,
* Removal of hard skin and calluses kernels (corns)
* Treating clefts.

In addition, I also treat:
* Fungal nails
* Onychomycosis
* Trauma nails
* Ingrown nails.

I close the treatment with good advice and a short foot massage.

If necessary paints the nails either with conventional varnish or shellac.

I stand ready to assist you.  After a treatment you walk back on clouds!

What does it cost.

Treatment ± 45 min      ± € 15,00
disinfect feet cuticles, clean, cut nails, polish
milling around the nails
milling the skin smooth

Cutting calluses     ± € 8,00

Creaming the feet with massage     ± € 5,00

Ingrowing nail ± 10 minutes      € 8,00
nail disinfect
cutting and milling

Corn  ± 10 minutes      € 8,00
disinfect calluses,  cutting around

cut out the heart

Nail varnish     € 3,00

Shellac nail polish      € 15,00

Shellac removal      € 5,00

± (plus minus means, depending on what needs to be done)