The CranialSacral System – Skull and Sacral bone

The craniosacral system – Skull & Sacrum

The skull ( cranium) is consists of a number of flat bones that surround the brains and further of a number of facial bones . The observant viewer will see (just open the first anatomy book), that all these bones are photographed separate, so apart from each other. Here are the different forms in the connection seams (sutures) immediately visible.

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Sutherland was a student of A. T. Still. He came to the conclusion that this anatomical presence could not be a coincidence. It turned out that movement was possible. If he blocked the movement with a specially designed clamp, all kinds of complaints arose.

This movement in the skull goes along with the mobility of the sacrum.
Exercize yourself

An injury can have far-reaching consequences. This may be caused by direct trauma, or indirectly, from elsewhere in the body. This is not realized or recognized by mainstream medicine, think of learning problems, chronic fatigue and colds .

Even further into the body diverse organs can not function properly anymore more : hyperventilation , stomach upset , blood pressure and so on.