Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT ) is a great addition to Haptonomy and Inner Child Care. By simply “tapping” on specific points (meridians) in combination with the right words, this is a simple method of treatment, to apply yourself to all sorts of complaints. Sometimes results in minutes!

Try it on everything.

How would it be to

  • to quickly , easily and without withdrawal symptoms come off from your smoking addiction?
  • leave fears simply behind?
  • to break a negative spiral where you “think” to sit.

It ‘s all in your head!

Emotional Freedom Technique gives fast results! In the vast majority of cases E.F.T. works efficient and effective. Quitting smoking can be permanently achieved in 5 minutes. And so everything that happens between your ears. Let no problem exist. Use E.F.T.!

When doesn’t E.F.T. work?

  • The correct emotion is not touched: The importance of the proper choice of words.
  • Blockages are not eliminated if a “yes, but …” pattern exists. Tail-enders: Deal with them.
  • The body may be contaminated: A thorough cleaning must is essential.
  • There may be “interference zones” present.
  • Scars and amalgam fillings and / or others.
  • Hypersensitivity to Electromagnetic Fields.
  • UTN (mobile phones), TV, TL and so on.

Right emotions

It is essential that the right words, the right feeling at that emotion is addressed. The more the wording corresponds with the feeling / emotion behind it, the faster the results will manifest. This is also immediately the difficulty of EFT. The more trained an Emotional Freedom Technique-worker is, the easier and faster he can get to the root of the problem, so much faster will be the result.


“Yes, but …” patterns are the thoughts that come after another thought.


I want to quit smoking,

  • but then I get fat.
  • but I do it for so long.
  • but I get cranky.
  • but …

I want to lose weight,

  • but then I can‘t eat anything I like.
  • but my clothes no longer fit and should I taylor / buy everything new.
  • but then I get unwanted attention.
  •  but then they find me no longer fun.
  • but …

Also subconscious thoughts such as “Am I worth it ?” , “Am I good enough?” , “Does this really fit our kind of people?” block changes. The potential for blockages – selfsabotage – are inexhaustible and they can be solved! What you yourself have held up for years, is not easy to break. However, it is possible with PERSEVERANCE .

That is, of course, depending on the severity of the tailenders, as they are also called.

These tailenders are blocking the change and confirm the old pattern. These tailenders can be addressed with EFT too.


We live (unfortunately) in a world that is seriously being polluted. Pollution ultimately leads to diminished self-regulation of every body cell, degeneration, disease and death. The resistance decreased more as pollution increases, the self-healing capacity of the body is reduced along with it.

Cleaning – I can recommend it to EVERYONE – is a must for a healthy body. A healthy body responds appropriately to the offered incentives.

There are many cleaning cures: the best does not excist. However, the best means several different cleaning cures together.

I give some examples:

  • Heels Trias (homeopathic : Lymphomyosot (blood/lymphe), Hepeel (liver), Reneel (kidneys).
  • Green Clay treatment (1 or 2 or 3 times a day take a dessert spoon of green clay with 1,000 mg of vitamin C)
  • Herbal (eg Sano herbal blends: 1. Bloodcleansing, 2. liver tonic/cleansing and 3. kidneys/bladder tonic/cleansing . . .
  • Ionizing Detox footbath. For more information: contact me.

Interference zones

These are conditions in the body, so that the energy of various structures will be disturbed. For example, the meridians are not balanced and this ultimately gives the same result as pollution: degeneration, disease and death .

Interference zones can be, inter alia,

  • Dental amalgam (mercury poisoning)
  • Different metals in fillings (electric potential)
  • Scartissue (disturbance of meridians)
  • Electromagnetic fields

These magnetic fields can affect the Basic Bio-Regulation System (BBRS) with the same negative, disastrous as interference zones and pollution. It is no different from the electromagnetic pollution of earth and cosmic radiation to which we are exposed naturally. But because these fields are artificially generated our electrical systems and signals are continuously being harassed. And for those who thought that this will not be a big deal: all functions in the body are controlled via biochemical electrical signals. The this is the case for the nervous system will be clear to everyone, but also muscle contractions proceed through the exchange of electrolytes and so on.

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