Free Test

A short test

1           Are you satisfied with / happy in your life ?
You do not need to read further: You’re happy and I wish you the very best !

No, read further.

2          Are you willing to make a change?
You do not need to read further. I wish you strength!

Yeah, read further.

3          When are you going to start?
Tomorrow. Tomorrow the coffee is for free. Read tomorrow from point 3.

Now, read further.
Congratulations! You took the first step.

4          How much are you willing to invest?

–  I ‘m going to try. Trying belongs to the tigers and lions, that you encounter on your way: illusionary problems. Attempt is doomed to failure and will only lead to more frustration. Do me and especially yourself a big favour: TRY NOTHING!
Go back to number 4.

–  I go for it for the full 100 %!

Congratulations again, this is the only attitude to progress. Remember that if you want to jump over a ditch, just 99 % effort still will end up in the water.

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