Haptonomy & InnerChildCare

The effective solution to emotional problems.

Haptonomy, the discipline that controls feeling and feel, is for many people an unexplored area. The haptonomist can lead you through different emotional experiences along the way on this unknown path .

What do I feel, what do I experience while feeling this, how I respond to others and how do others react to me?

How do I make contact and how to disconnect ?

How do I control that ?

These are the key questions at issue in what is haptonomy about. Only when you are able to experience different emotional qualities you can use Inner Child Care to the solution of your problem.

Inner Child Care.

In (very) many cases a physical complaint stems from a psycho – emotional cause. I see in my practice more and more, people “translating” hidden and repressed problems into physical pain. This pain is, inter alia, “stored” in the large intestine.

From the location of physical pain (osteopathic adhesion) the age, when a painful event occurred, can be distracted.

The gut crosses a few muscles (mm. ilio – psoas ), which has an influence on the pelvis. This creates a torsion of the basin and as a result an apparent difference in leg length (pelvis tilt). Compensation of the spine to this tilt is followed by a load on the back, neck , shoulders and so on.

One can liberate himself from the stuck emotions.

Inner Child Care will provide an excellent opportunity. You must have the willingness to face the old pain. The unconscious load can only be healed by putting the sadness, pain, disappointment and what else, into a proper perspective in the memory.

Sometimes people are not (truly) able to connect with their Inner Child. In such a case haptonomy can be the solution.

QUESTION: Can you clean up old frustrations , without reliving the old “pains” ?

ANSWER: NO. not with this method.


Emotional Freedom Techniques

Moreover, there is also Emotional Freedom Techniques, a great addition to the haptonomic and Inner Child Care treatment. By simply “tapping” on specific points (meridians) in combination with the right words, this is a simple method of treatment, to apply yourself to all sorts of complaints. Smoking cessation to the more problematic things in life. Sometimes results in minutes!

Read more about Emotional Freedom Techniques here.

See also: http://www.emofree.com – Try it on everything.

QUESTION: Can you clean up old frustrations, without reliving the old “pains”?


QUESTION: Can’t solve EFT everything by itself?

ANSWER: That would be very nice. Sometimes the combination works better, in which the “pain” that Inner Child Care may provoke, can be less severe.

This is a GREAT STRONG TRIO. There is (almost) no angle to think of, so this combination would not work.