Orthomolucular Nutrition

You are what you eat

We need food, everyone knows. If you have a deficit you get sick. This also is no news.

Now : The Recommended Daily Allowance ( RDA ) is a minimum standard to prevent deficiency diseases .

In other words: You just do not get scurvy.

But how is this related to health? Far below par!

By pollution, stress, deficits in the soil, wrong preparation, supplements with flavours, colours, aroma’s and fragrances as well as amplifiers strengthen need to use supplements.

Due to abiding by the RDA, you get chronically relative shortages. You do not notice it immediately, but after a while you still get complaints. These are all kinds of degenerative diseases: arthritis, Alzheimer’s and others whereby the resistance of the body decreases: inflammation, rheumatism, allergies, Pfeiffer and many others.

The condition for health is created by nutritional supplements. This is about the quite natural forms , in the right amount. Synthetic vitamin E does not work, synthetic vitamin D is counterproductive.

Example :

ADHD : regular Ritalin , with its side effects or

RDA of vitamin B6 (ADH 2mg),

Orthomolecular 10-500 mg, ADHD : 500-600 mg per day , with no side effects


Example :

Alzheimer’s (dementia) : Regular no cure, or

RDA of Vitamin E ( ADH1 , 5 IU ) ( International Units ),

Orthomolecular 100-2000 IU , Alzheimer 1200-1600 IU. This alone provides an improvement of about 73%. Supplemented with vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate is fat soluble and thus preferred: the brain consists for 80% of fat!) 3000 mg, “normal” vitamin C from 1000 to 2000 mg, and other supplements, the entire image is not necessary.

These examples just show in what amounts should be considered. They are not recipes!