The Visceral System – The Organs

The viscera

All organs are “suspended” in our body. This suspension can be seen in the intestines, and also the lungs and the heart. They are mounted in between in a system of double-webs with a layer of liquid. This allows the two membranes to move freely relative to each other and thus the body is mobile. By inflammation, trauma or irritating tension adhesions may occur here, which so impede the proper functioning.

A simple example: if someone has a bruised rib, thereby creates irritation of the pleura. This irritation provides some adhesions, of course depending on the severity of the bruise. This also makes one of the golden rules within osteopathy​​clear:

The anatomy reigns physiology, or:

the shape and structure of the various organs or organ systems control the functioning.

In this example, a portion of the lung can expand less well. The result is that bacteria can easily nest. The beginning of a chronic complaint arose. “The only cure” is often antibiotics, because the real cause – improper functioning of the lung – is not removed. The osteopath will tackle the limited movement of the lung.

By simple handles the adhesions are loosened and the function is being restored.